Our mission is to improve the life of our customers by simplifying the management and access of their electronic resources and events, while doing so safely and efficiently and respecting their personal privacy in the process.

Sei-robotics is a small startup company based in Union County (South of Charlotte), NC. While the company is young, it contains well versed leaders who bring their experience from different professional and personal backgrounds.

According to the words of one of the founders, Roberto Nanamura:  “I believe we are in a moment of time that fosters technological innovations, a moment that breakthrough technologies are finally coming into maturation like: data mining, AI (especially deep learning and conversational AI frameworks), and cloud computing.

Our company is not only about exploring new ideas and new horizons, we are about bringing new products that add real value to big companies”

Roberto Nanamura

Technical Managing Partner

With 23 years of experience in the financial IT world, Roberto Nanamura defines himself as an old skeptic but bold entrepreneur who believes that the current state of the technology is mature enough for break out ideas. Look up his LinkedIn profile for more of his extensive experience and check out his blog for more of his ideas.

Our History

The company starts with Roberto’s late wife challenging him to simplify the current status-quo of personal computing. The ideas that cropped up from these discussions yielded one patent and other possible products that were in the process of gestation and nurturing throughout the years until Roberto met the current business partner Amy. Amy’s high spirits and drive for higher achievements inspired and encouraged Roberto to finally put the ideas in motion and start the company.

Amy Goetchius

Managing Partner

Amy's primary areas of responsibility are in budgeting and managing the day-to-day operations. In addition, she shares in strategic planning, marketing, public relations, social media outreach and human resources. She is a very valuable member of our executive team.

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