Focus Channel

What it is?

It is a smart notification hub for enterprise use.  As a notification hub, it consumes events from different sources and delivers notifications to the right people and right device at the correct time using the most efficient and safe delivery system. It is powered by rules defined by the enterprise and customized by the user and optionally aided by AI-based decisions. These rules trigger and route the notifications to the right user device. It is built with security and accountability in mind, the information does not travel unencrypted and confidential and sensitive information has an additional security layer that only enables users with need to know clearance to access the information in clear text.

What it is not:

 Another event application system, it relies and taps on the existing sources for event like calendars (Google,Exchange) It is not just a plain wrapper around Message Queue or Pub sub systems. Although it uses these frameworks at its core, Focus Channel is a full blown application that provides customizable rules, security, auditing.

Why use it?

Focus Channel plays well with BYOD –Focus Channel doesn’t depend on the need of additional network access control (NAC) or Virtual Private Network (VPN) and it has its own device check therefore it eliminates the need of being hosted inside a device under a ͞Mobile Device Management͟(MDM). Optionally for private cloud versions, MDM hosting can be enabled.

  • Focus Channel provides a more lightweight and inexpensive notification framework for your company mobile strategy- due to the fact that it is independent of MDM.
  • Focus Channel is the best option for Connected Devices and Augmented Reality –by filtering out noisy and redundant notification, Focus Channel helps its users to concentrate on the current task at hand and helps them to enjoy their virtual experience.
  • Focus Channel increases employee’s productivity –it has filters based on the current employee’s context and tasks, for instance: it mutes non-urgent notifications when employee’s is presenting or in an important meeting.
  • Focus Channel provides a much tighter control of the notifications that goes out of the company data centers. 
  • Focus Channel is secure.
  • Focus Channel is scalable.
  • Focus Channel has out of the box auditing capabilities. 


The Focus Channel in its standard edition integrates with Outlook365, Exchange Server and Google for event and notification sources, uses Amazon Web Services cloud services and it is used on Android and iOS devices. Standard company rules are customized to the company needs. Auditing storage can be configured.

Get the demo version in the Google Play Store (Early Access) –coming soon!

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